Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Strategy for National Development

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Mustapha Alhaji Ali
Yakubu Salisu


Women entrepreneurship and empowerment are technically interrelated, the paper aims to examine Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Strategy for National Development. Women in developed nations play an important role in national and economic development. Indeed, women in northern Nigeria are not adequately empowered because of the patriarchal nature of the region that gave much power to men and placed women at subordinate positions, in view of this the paper aim to examine why northern Nigerian women are not adequately empowered, and how they can be empowered in the nation. The study is qualitative in nature, here data were obtained from a secondary source, documents were systematically reviewed to discuss the topic under study. From the available data, the study showcased that surely, women are being dominated in the entrepreneurship in of northern Nigeria, this is because most of the business enterprises are been controlled by men in the region. In explaining this study empowerment theory was used, the theory was propounded by Sara Longwe in 1990. Essentially, the assumption of the theory dwells on women empowerment and gender equality. This Theory aims to critically access the level of women empowerment and development. The postulation of the theory is to ensure equal opportunities for both men and women to attain gender parity. This theory will help in abridging gender differences and sustain equal access to education and economy. The study found that cultural stereotype, unequal access to education and inadequate capital has affected northern women entrepreneurship and empowerment. Given this, the study recommends that the government should empower the northern women through free education and skills acquisition programmes in Nigeria especially in the northern region. government and financial institutions should provide women with soft loans to empower them to start a business.

Entrepreneurship, empowerment strategy, national development, women

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Ali, M., & Salisu, Y. (2019). Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Strategy for National Development. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 22(3), 1-13. https://doi.org/10.9734/JEMT/2019/44828
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