A Strategic and Adaptive Plan for Resurgence of Food-Tech Delivery Service Sector During and Beyond Public Health Pandemic Crisis

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Angad Munshi
Ashim Raj Singla


Purpose: India’s highly competitive online food delivery space is at the forefront of pandemic distress due to unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic COVID-19.  The thrust of this paper is to focus on, how can Indian online food-tech aggregator landscape operate and sustain business ventures amidst this pandemic disaster. This article examines, investigates and delves into various issues regarding logistics, customer care and penchants coupled with related issues and elucidates various challenges and opportunities there-in. The authors while doing so endeavoured to assess and analyse the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on customer behaviour with reference to online food delivery sector in India.

Design/ Methodology/Approach: The paper is a mix of theoretical study along with author’s viewpoint. The data was also gleaned from the latest updates from various organizational and government sites. A survey involving a representative sample of randomly identified 106 food lovers patronizing online food delivery platforms was conducted using online interview method via CISCO Webex platform.

Findings: Elucidation of evidence-based avenues to work upon to overcome COVID-19 slowdown for the present and beyond is the only riposte. The survey revealed that around 98% of the respondents agreed to higher consumption of food and persons living alone have invariably placed order via online food delivery platforms. The quality and hygiene of the food endorsed by 99% was a highly significant and imperative factor. The need for more stringent safety & hygiene norms for checks and balances required emerged as a primary concern.

Research Limitations/Implications: This being a rapid turnout study, due to pandemic lockdown reaching the customer base, even identifying them, restricted the survey population.  The use of evidence-based outcomes of changing customer perceptions and behaviour in this new norm of pandemic, together with logistic avenues using a larger sample size would have further complemented and augmented the viewpoints expressed in this study thereby aided in working out a robust roadmap. 

Practical Implications: The authors suggest that business leaders in food-tech delivery firms need to have a dynamic and proactive approach towards the challenges which are evolving on a daily basis, since the impact of COVID-19 is continuous and ever-changing.

Originality/Value: The study presents a strategic and adaptive plan for resurgence of food-tech delivery service Sector using ICT tools and techniques during public health pandemic crisis and beyond.

Online food delivery, F&B aggregators, FBOs, platform-to-consumer delivery, ood safety & hygiene, FSSAI, consumer care, COVID-19, coronavirus, pandemic, global isolation, social distancing, business opportunities.

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Munshi, A., & Singla, A. R. (2020). A Strategic and Adaptive Plan for Resurgence of Food-Tech Delivery Service Sector During and Beyond Public Health Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 26(8), 109-123. https://doi.org/10.9734/jemt/2020/v26i830284
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